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Here at Burlington skydiving, our team of skydive specialists will help connect you with the best tandem, solo and advanced freefall skydiving experiences in the Burlington area! Just think of the thrill of rising high above the clouds in a specially-designed skydiving aircraft, reaching heights of up to 14,000 feet!

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Tandem Skydiving in Burlington

Tandem Sky Diving

If you're looking to experience the breathtaking thrills of skydiving for the very first time, tandem skydiving is what we would recommend for you! Join us here at Skydive Burlington for the most breathtaking ways to experience the fun and excitement of complete freefall skydiving over Vermont. Skydiving is one of life's greatest and best experiences. The feeling is indescribable, and the high lasts for days. Discovering skydiving definitely will change your life!

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Burlington Skydiving School

Skydiving Training

There are several ways to learn to skydive. At Skydive Burlington, our partners provide an AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) skydiving course. Some of our affiliates offer training tandem jumps (Tandem Progression) that permit the pupil to gain understanding and confidence with a licensed instructor attached. Call Skydive Burlington now to learn about the skydive training options available near Burlington.

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Skydiving Gifts Burlington

Skydiving Gift Certificates

Awesome for holiday gifts, birthdays or anniversaries, Skydive Burlington Gift Certificates can be ordered as a tandem skydiving experience, an advanced course or one of the great Burlington Skydiving packages that Skydive Burlington offers. Gift Vouchers are valid for 24 months from your purchase date and are fully transferable so that the beneficiary can always pass it on!

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Get a Video of your Skydive in Burlington!

Skydiving Videos Burlington

Film each and every second of your tandem skydiving adventure by having a skydiving video from Burlington skydiving! Choose from popular skydiving video options featuring first-person perspective cameras, a fast-paced, professionally-produced soundtrack, and pre-formatted videos that you can upload to your social media sites straight after your jump.

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Here at the premier skydiving center in Burlington, we offer the first and only thorough, comprehensive Accelerated Freefall "AFF" program. Our AFF course equips novice skydivers with freefall skills, as well as canopy development and control skills which are specifically designed to teach you a safer means to skydive. The program is comprised of 7 individual levels teaching an advanced and progressing skillset as you complete the levels. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, the student must demonstrate an adequate proficiency and understanding of that levels material before moving on. The last level of the course is designed to incorporate every aspect of the material you have studied into one performance. Once this is completed, you can then skydive at your convenience. Offering you the ability to enjoy the 10,000 - 14,000 foot views of Burlington’s landmarks like Lake Champlain, Centennial Field, Mount Mansfield, University of Vermont and the augmented emotions of freefall whenever you want.

The moment you're anticipating to experience the most exhilarating, addictive and all-natural high in the Burlington area, give us a call! Our team of skydiving experts will help you pick the perfect skydiving school for your first, or next, skydiving adventure! We specialize in providing men and women and teams of all sizes with bookings for the greatest skydiving courses and packages. Contact us today to turn your dreams into a reality!

A "Walk Through" of a Person's Very first Skydive

Skydiving offers the ultimate adrenaline rush that will make every first-time jump student want to come back for more. It offers a rare chance to experience complete freedom as you free fall through the sky. It's as close as anyone could ever get to actual flying. Many people who have an interest in skydiving are skeptical, thinking that the activity is dangerous. The United States Parachute Association has documented approximately 350,000 individuals who have successfully completed more than 3 million jumps yearly. This statistic proves that driving is potentially more dangerous than taking a skydive.

Why is Tandem Skydiving Recommended?

It guarantees safety. To jump out on your own, you first need to go through a series of rigorous training programs that will call for many hours of preparation. Besides this, you will need to satisfy all the requirements including passing a written test along with exhibiting your skydiving capabilities. You can bypass all of these requirements with the help of tandem skydiving. After a brief training session, you will be harnessed to an experienced tandem instructor for an experience of a lifetime.

Skydiving-Tandem Jumps

During a tandem skydiving session also known as tandem parachuting, a certified instructor is securely strapped to your back and will guide you as you exit the plane and enter into the exciting freefall moment up to the time you touch down. In a tandem skydive, 80% of the work is done by your instructors and gravity does the rest, giving you less responsibility so that you take in the spectacular views and savor your first skydiving experience. In most jurisdictions, the student must be at least 18 years old or older for a tandem session.

A tandem skydive experience enables you to free fall at 120mph in about a minute. It is hassle-free because there is hardly any instruction that is required of the student, with minimal training including a short lesson on safety, in addition to a walk-through as to what will happen from boarding an airplane, exiting the aircraft, piloting, and finally touching down. Next, your instructor will take the time to show you the basic operation of the equipment and explain its safety features although you will not be in control during the actual skydive session.

Feeling a little bit of queasiness before and during the session is normal. If nausea does happen, it's likely due to the nerves or the slow and swaying part of the canopy glide. People in the upper range of skydiving weight limits are at particular risk of feeling nauseous. However, this sensation quickly dissipates after landing.

To have a safe and worry-free experience, you will be working with certain pieces of equipment in each of the jumps. Your instructor will pull the drogue release cable shortly after you exit the plane to allow the drogue to catch air, drawing the primary parachute from the container and causing it to expand. This also slows down the descent, lengthening the experience. The main parachute is connected to a reserve parachute. Modern tandem skydiving equipment is also fixed with an automatic activation device, which will instantly release if it senses that the diver and/or instructor is freefalling below a specific altitude.

Becoming a Skydiving Instructor

A skydiving professional instructor has to be a member of USPA and log at least 500 jumps and 3 hours of freefall. Further, he or she will have at least three years of skydiving experience and must be familiar with skydiving equipment, drop zone layout, free falls, airplanes, canopy flights and landings.

Suggestions for New Skydivers

  • Since you will be spending several hours in your drop zone, take the time to acquaint yourself with the area. Ask for a briefing and get to ask any questions you may have in your mind so that you have an idea of what to anticipate in the first skydive. Generally, you will be able to bring a light snack and it is recommended that you eat it in the beginning of the tour, so you won't feel sick before and during the freefall.
  • Don't be afraid to take a small dose of dramamine, or an over-the-counter medicine for motion sickness, a couple of hours before flying.
  • After the basic training, you will be supplied with goggles, jumpsuits, helmets and safety equipment to help prevent serious injuries, especially during landing.

Exhilarating Tandem Jump

Shortly after you have asked your questions, have been fitted with the proper equipment, and made final adjustments to your harness, it is time for the physical skydiving adventure. What follows is the adrenaline rush of a free fall experience and the exciting descent underneath a parachute. Many first-time customers are shocked by the gush of wind pushing over their face and body. Just make sure you take a breath through your mouth and stay comfortable knowing your protective gear is in place to ensure safety during the skydive experience.

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